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March 2017       





Benedict Simmons Landscaping has been carrying out a huge amount of work around the lakes over the last couple of months and it is looking really smart.  Overhanging branches have been removed, underwater snags cleared, swims have been replaced, banks have been trimmed (we call it ‘keetching’ in Somerset), etc as part of our ongoing maintenance programme.


The improvement to our pumping system (mentioned in our last report) is working well and the levels are good. 


We also have NEW STOCK ARRIVING! We are introducing approximately 1,500 fish: 1,000 will go into Rushcombe Lake and the remaining 500 into the North Pool.  They will be a mixture of common and mirror carp and will be arriving mid/late morning on Thursday 9th March.  Feel free to come along and observe – you will be very welcome.




Carp Lake:  Hot off the press is a lovely 5-star review from our Facebook page.  Tracy Miller & Simon Carpenter commented ‘Had a great day today.  Had 22 fish in total and had 5 nice carp from the carp lake - worth a go’.




Match Lake: good bags of crucians, roach and skimmers are coming out plus the odd perch.  The water is still cold so an 18 hook with a 1.5lb bottom line using maggot, caster and bread punch as hookbait and liquidised bread and micro-pellets as feed is the best tactic.  Pegs 14-26 are the most consistent areas but all areas are producing. 




South Pool: a lovely lot of skimmers and roach are coming out here and also the odd larger bream and carp to 5lb are being caught out in open water.  Regulars may need to re-plumb bearing in mind the work carried out on this lake (mentioned in news above).




North Pool:  looks a great colour and is fishing well.  A lot of maintenance work has been carried out here too (it looks a lot wider now) and it’s looking in great condition for the arrival of some new fish on 9th March.  When the sun comes out and the temperature rises just a little bit, sweetcorn is working well as a hookbait for the larger carp.  Other than that, red maggots, caster and bread punch are also good hookbaits with the red maggots being particularly good at catching the large head of perch in this lake which go up to 1lb.  The perch hotspot is peg 1, by the lily pad and for the larger carp head for the Hovis pegs and the area adjacent to the campsite entrance. 




Rushcombe Lake: is fishing quite tough so the introduction of 1,000 or so new mouths should stir things up a bit!  If you are fishing after 9th March then clearly pellet or paste on the hook is going to work well!  The same hookbaits as for the Match Lake and the North Pool will also produce here. 


Finally, please send us your photos and catch reports – we’ll do our best to get them on our website gallery; Facebook page, Twitter feed and into our fishing report.



*Photo on our website gallery.


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