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April 2017       






THE NEW STOCK HAS ARRIVED! We are delighted with our 1,500 new carp: over 1,000 have gone into Rushcombe Lake and over 500 into the North Pool.  They are a mixture of common and mirror carp averaging 0.75lb but up to 2lb and are in superb condition.  They have settled in well and are boosting bags already!


Rushcombe Lake: is fishing really well!  Gloucester boys: Brian & Trevor Dicks together with friends John and Roy came down and fished pegs 27, 28, 29 & 31.  Brian had the best bag of 120lb fishing 6mm pellet over micro-pellets in open water from peg 27 including mirrors to 7lb and commons to 6lb.  Roy fished peg 31 for a 105lb on a 14 hook with bread over pellets for mirrors and commons to 6lb.  Trevor on peg 28 also had an excellent 65lb bag using a 16 hook fishing sweetcorn over micro-pellets catching mirrors and commons to 6.5lb on the inside margin.  John on peg 29 used the same tactics as Trevor for a bag of 62lb.


George Flemming* brought his Dad, Ted, camping and fishing.  Having tucked into a hearty full English breakfast, George caught some nice mirror carp from peg 50 on the island.


Lots of 100lb bags are now coming from all areas of this lake: Ross Stewart* had an excellent bag from peg 5; Jordan Devey* fished peg 50 to the margins & far bank for a fish a chuck.  He fished fairly light on a 16 hook with banded 6mm pellet over 2mm as feed for a superb bag.  Tony Sharman* has had several sessions on peg 10 and sent us some great photos.



North Pool:  like Rushcombe, this lake is definitely benefitting from the new stock.  All areas of this lake are producing well.  Kayleigh Lankshear* and her partner Micky Mordecai* both float-fished on the pole with a size 16 hook, using 4mm hookable pellet and loose fed 4mm pellets and maggots. They also used a rod and line with a method feeder using the same bait for some great fish


Jack Marston* paid us a visit for the first time and his last fish of the day was a lovely linear mirror caught on light tackle.


Match Lake: is also fishing really well. ‘The Villa Boys’ (Russell, Gareth & Tom) travelled down from the Midlands to witness the restocking.  Whilst they were here Gareth Stacey* fished peg 23 and had carp to 5lb from the reeds and tight to the far bank under the bridge . He had some lovely fantails and crucians and plenty of skimmers . Plenty of bites using light line and small hooks although he needed to scale up to be able to take carp from the reeds.


Loads of roach and skimmers are being caught from pegs 14-26 using light tackle, 18 hook with bread punch being the best bait.



Carp Lake & South Pool: have both been fishing well too but are somewhat overshadowed by the action on the other lakes!  Try floating bread on the Carp Lake and maggot, bread punch and sweetcorn on the South Pool.


Finally, please send us your photos and catch reports – we’ll do our best to get them on our website gallery; Facebook page, Twitter feed and into our fishing report.



*Photo on our website gallery.


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