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July 2017       




Weather: it’s worth bearing in mind that our typical English weather can bring some lovely warm sunny days and also cooler days where it pours with rain!  This means that you will need to change your tactics accordingly to get the best results.  For example: on bright, sunny days scale down a hook size or two.



Rushcombe Lake: since the record-breaking session with a 245.35lb bag by Tim Hadland on this lake, plus numerous other 100lb+ bags – this has been a popular place to fish!  Despite the fact that the new stock fish have ‘wised up’ a bit, this lake is still producing excellent bags from all pegs provided that you get your tactics right.  A huge variety of small hookbaits are working (almost anything!) but a 16-18 hook on a 1.5lb line on the float are the best tactics.  Fish in the shallows about 9 inches from the far or near margins - liquidised bread along with micro-pellets is proving to be the best feed.  Lots of bags of between 60-80lb are coming out.


Jake Gane* had a good day on Rushcombe with banded pellet. Jake said "everything worked today - we couldn't stop the bites!" Most were caught on single red maggot or banded pellets, all over ground bait. Some beautiful roach came out of the margins too - over ground bait on banded pellet and caster.



Match Lake: is probably the easiest fishing at the moment.  Even our ‘not the most patient’ 4.5 year old grandson, Harry, has been catching on this lake with his Dad, Ben.  This lake has loads of features so again, if you fish light with a 16-18 hook and a 1.5lb bottom line with single maggots or casters or bread punch, you can expect really nice mixed bags of skimmers, roach, chub, perch and crucians with the odd larger carp of between 5-10lb.  Excellent weights with bags of around 75lb from all areas.



South Pool: also fishing well.  The corner pegs are still the best areas to fish.  You can afford to go a bit heavier here with a 14-16 hook on a 4lb line with sweetcorn and spicy luncheon meat on the hook tempting the fish.  A good amount of nice-sized carp (5lb) are coming from the margins with the good head of bream being caught on sweetcorn out in open water – they go to 5.5lb. 



Carp Lake: is fishing okay but is the hardest of the five lakes.  A good amount of doubles are now featuring but concentrated in the early morning and the evening.  Bread or dog biscuit on the surface, luncheon meat and soft pellets on the bottom with a 14-16 hook and 4-5lb line should work here. 



North Pool:  has been fished less than Rushcombe Lake so the new stock fish aren’t quite as wise yet.  Lots of carp coming out of this lake.  The ‘Hovis’ pegs and the right hand side of the peninsula are the most consistent but all areas are producing good pleasure bags of around 65lb.

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*Photo on our website gallery.


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